About the culture of Feodosia

Hotel 'Tatiana' in Feodosia - perfect Crimea holiday

Enthusiastically praised by Pushkin, Crimea has long been a promised land for many millions of people. We invite you to spend the "happiest moment" of his life. North of the ancient Tauris charm you. You will learn the ancient city of Feodosia Crimea, in the health resort zone of which - the famous Golden Beach Village is located Beregovoe village.

Admiring the beautiful scenery, majestic beauty of golden beaches, you could not help remembering that lived here and rested well-known celebrities: romantic writer Alexander Grin, marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky, sculptor VI Mukhin opera singer NA Obukhov, family Ulyanov, etc.

Nobody can remain indifferent mysterious Golden Gate Kara Dagh, and the ruins of ancient cities in the second half of the 6 century BC, the remains of an ancient fortress 13 15vv., A collection of monuments of ancient architecture: Dome of the Mufti-Jami (1623god), Church sv.Sergiya (14 century).

In 1913, the open source of unique mineral water. These places are for ever imprinted on canvas Ivan Aivazovsky, presented in an art gallery in his name, original fountain, built in 1888 on the project and the means of the great marine painter. Lovers of romance can not fail to attract the literary-memorial museum of Alexander Grin.